The Bright Side of Everything - 2 Day Live Event

The Bright Side of Everything

"Spirituality and Business Success"


   May 20th-21st, 2016

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

   Faz Restaurant - Banquet Room

   5121 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA.


Can Spirituality Drive Success in Our Businesses?

Spirituality and business success all start with making the connection between your inner and outer life. The secret to bridging these worlds is that you bridge inside first.” ~Deepak Chopra

Dear Bright Community,

That's why success has to be holistic, it must embrace your vision of yourself and open the path to a lifetime of personal growth. Every step of success depends on one thing: self-awareness. Whatever you can do to facilitate expansion of your consciousness is a step toward success.

We invite you to join us as we plan to bring this much-needed topic to our upcoming “The Bright Side of Everything” 2-day live event on May 20 and 21, where the theme will be "Spirituality and Business Success.”

As the vibrant, talented community we are, let’s pool our efforts and pave a new and exciting Spiritual Path to Success! At this electrifying 2-day event, you will learn from leading national and SF Bay Area business, health & wellness, spirituality, and relationship experts, plus entrepreneurs who will model and distill their best practices so that you, too, can create long-term success and balance in your business and personal life.

As always, The Bright Side of Life brings together mega-influencers, including best-selling authors, renowned speakers, global thought leaders, award-winning entrepreneurs, and some of the best minds in business to lavish you with 2 days of inspiration, learning, music, laughter and incredible connections.

The 2-day event on May 20 and 21 promises to be life-changing -- and game-changing -- like nothing you've ever experienced. Over 150 conscious business owners just like you will be present and ready to explore the crucial but often neglected link between spirituality and business success.

As a community we’ll be coming together to learn how we can shift old concepts about what is “right” and step into a new and more successful way of living that respects our family time while balancing and supporting our physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and intellectual lives.


* Tim Kelley - TBA

* Tracey Trottenberg - "Spiritually Speaking: The Real Journey of a Messenger "

Talk Take Away from Tracey's Talk:

• Understand your modern-day “dark night of the soul” and how to alchemize fear into fuel for your highest spiritual growth so you can powerfully serve others.

Join us for inspiration, learning, and priceless connections!

Journey with The Bright Side of Life on May 20 & 21 and discover your ability to transform your life so that you can receive more success, better health, greater inspiration, and mega-valuable connections. Balance your personal and business lives and take them to a higher level of expression.

More From Our Happy Participants:

"What a great event, Sahar. I met some fabulous people and was so inspired by everyone. My energy is recharged!" ~ Margaret Rose

"AWESOME -- What a positive, amazing event. So creative and unlike anything I have attended. What an amazing community! I would recommend this event to everyone." ~ Tracy

"Sahar, every time I attend one of your events, I feel it is the best ever. The last two days’ event, 'The Bright Side of Everything,’ was a wonderful experience! The conference was packed full of beautiful speakers, and networking with amazing, brilliant, heart-centered entrepreneurs was wonderful! I feel blessed to be a part of this dynamic sisterhood!" ~ Merrilee

Yes, Everyone, this is your time for more success!


Register today, seats are limited and this event will be another Souled Out Live Event! 

Sponsorship opportunity is available.

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To learn more about how you can be a speaker at our 2016 Bright Side of Everything Live Events email us at:


Remember to always look at The Bright Side of Life! 

Sahar Nafal, Founder

About The Bright Side of Life

 We unite thousands of women from all around Northern California to celebrate our connection, creativity, and wisdom as women in business. Through this safe, loving, and nurturing environment, we discover old gifts, experience new breakthroughs, and create timeless friendships and community.

The Bright Side of Life isn't just about the transformation, connection, education, fun, or success; it's about shining as who you really are.

The Bright Side of Life women's community began quietly in 2008 with six members meeting in Sahar's family room.
Sahar’s vision of gathering like-minded women from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their beauty and uniqueness as women and collaborate with each other to build their business communities has now grown seven years later to include more than 7500 members.


The Bright Side of Life has brought nationally and internationally known speakers, authors and trainers including such industry leaders and innovators as Dr. John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Tim Kelley, and many others to present on the bright side stage.
As we see more and more women stepping into leadership roles to be catalysts of the biggest changes in the world, Sahar Nafal's vision as a community builder and speaker is to inspire women globally to come together in community for greater unity and collaboration
To Learn more

We invite you to join us Three times a year at our 2 day live events. We offer different topics and speakers and invite to explore compelling topics relevant to a woman's journey to purpose, authenticity and the fullest expression of who she is. Men are welcome to join us.

About The Founder Sahar Nafal:

Sahar Nafal, founder of “The Bright Side of Life” Women Community, is a Community Builder Expert and speaker who has devoted her business to assisting women create powerful communities all over the world. As we witness women leaders rising to network to innovate and to be a part of the biggest change in the world, Sahar sees her work helping women all over the world unearth their passion and purpose as they create supportive communities.
Sahar was awarded women owned business of the year by Women Initiative for self employments , The Woman of Legacy Award and have participated in the Shift Network Global Peace Project with internationally know visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Indira Gandhi sharing the Gift of Acceptance message. Sahar was also featured in the Wall Street Journal .

She is devoted to success and happiness of her- self and of others, she spends influential time with her two collage aged daughters; enjoys walking, cooking and connecting with nature, photography, reading, traveling the world.



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